Download AntiLogger Latest Version

Download AntiLogger Latest Version


Download AntiLogger Latest Version
Download AntiLogger
Download AntiLogger Latest Version. Antilogger is a profoundly viable and successful application which can avoid different endeavors by online programmers to availability your PC. Despite the fact that the project is light and convenient, it can distinguish any deliberations to adjust your machine's arrangements and spot destructive lead in your system. The application can likewise distinguish when somebody is attempting to history your activities, watch your web cam or mic and openness your clipboard somewhat.

KEY FEATURES INCLUDE OF AntiLogger Latest Version :

  • Framework Attack Protection: The Antilogger's System Protection segment can secured your PC by finding hurtful exertions to availability your project, based totally upon their activities, paying little respect to whether the infections has been once in the past perceived or differentiated.
  • Key stroke Signing Protection: The Antilogger application will prompt you when another person is attempting to openness your console without your data.
  • Monetary Malware Protection: use imaginative routines, which are produced to get your data straight from your PC. The Antilogger application is one of a few items accessible, that has the capacity indentify and shut down questionable methods before they can openness your data. 
  • Webcam and Microphone Hijacking Protection: Antilogger will consistently watch all systems which attempt to openness your pc. The application will quick you when an unlawful system is attempting to change on your web cam or mic. 
  • Thinking Operated Beginning Reaction System: Intelliguard is a wise early alert and reaction program. The product makes Antilogger simple to utilize and viable, by meeting expectations quickly you won't get any empowers in regards to honest to goodness applications you are setting up on your pc. 
  • Clipboard Distant Access Protection: When you copy something, it keeps on being spared in your machine's clipboard. Antilogger safeguards your clipboard from being traded off and keeps it secured from hoodlums.
Download AntiLogger Latest Version (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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