Download Miranda 0.10.29 Latest Version

Download  Miranda 0.10.29 Latest Version

Download  Miranda 0.10.25 Latest Version
Download  Miranda 0.10.25
Download  Miranda 0.10.29 Latest Version. Miranda IM is a multi-protocol im customer for Ms windows. Miranda IM uses very little storage and is very quickly. It needs no set up and can be fixed on only one weak disk. Its highly effective plug-in program creates Miranda IM very versatile.

 Download  Miranda 0.10.29 Latest Version features

Only the most primary functions are designed in, but there are currently more than 350 100 % free plug-ins available for obtain that allows customers to improve the performance of Miranda IM.

Available Methods are:
  • AIM (AOL Immediate Messenger).
  • Gadu-Gadu.
  • IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange).
  • ICQ.
  • IRC (Internet Pass on Chat).
  • Jabber.
  • MSN.
  • Netsend.
  • Tlen.
  • Yahoo, And more...

Download  Miranda 0.10.29 Latest Version (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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