Download TubeMILD 2016 Latest Version

Download TubeMILD 2016 Latest Version

Download TubeMILD 0.6b Latest Version
TubeMILD 2016
Download TubeMILD 2016 Latest Version. YouTube is a video sharing web site (video sharing) popular where users can load, watch, and share video clips for free. Generally the videos on YouTube are music clips (video clip), movies, TV, tutorial (which is very useful and diverse) as well as homemade video users themselves. wiki

        Actually Youtube already has its own video player which can play video through the browser directly, but I think most of us agree that the play youtube videos directly from the browser will not be as comfortable (buffering?) When playing videos stored on a local drive. Playing a youtube video directly require a fast internet connection even for the lowest video quality once. Most of us (Indonesian people) have not been able to enjoy video playback youtube directly with convenient, anytime, anywhere for the price of internet bandwidth is still expensive and sad.

        TubeLIVE here to provide solutions to these problems, because it does not require an internet connection TubeLIVE high play youtube videos directly, but enough with 8-10 KB / s (Stable) TubeLIVE already can play youtube videos without buffering.

TubeMILD 2016 Latest Version

        Then, one of which is the excess of this TubeLIVE is able to play videos from youtube without buffering although internet connection only 8-10 KB / s (Stable). TubeLIVE can play your music without saving millions of media files on a local drive. TubeLIVE will store it in the form of playlists that if on average for 1000 video (no matter the duration, going long / short) stored playlists size - + 60KB size, can be compared if 1000 mp3 files are stored (the average size of 4Mb) total 4 Gb.

Download TubeMILD 2016 for Windows All (7.11MB) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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