Photo! Editor Software Download Latest Version

Photo! Editor Software Download Latest Version


Photo! Editor Software Download Latest Version
Photo! Editor
Photo! Editor Software Download Latest Version. Photo! Manager gives you all the picture modifying functions of a top quality program, for free. The software contains resources that will enhance your images and bring them to life.
The User User interface is easy to get around and most of the resources will work in either automated (one-click) or in guide method.


  • Fix Red Eye:The Fix Red Eye device allows you to easily eliminate red eye from your images. You can either fix your picture instantly or modify it in guide method.
  • Enhance Color:The Enhance Shade device contains an range of innovative resources for modifying along with balance, comparison, lighting and vividness of an picture. You can do this instantly or personally.
  • Denoise:The Denoise device allows you to successfully eliminate luminance and color disturbance from images that were created under inadequate illumination circumstances. Again this device can be used in automated or guide method.
  • Deblur:The Deblur device allows you to enhance unclear images. This device uses a high level method that makes it possible to enhance intensely unclear images.
  • Create Caricature:The Caricature device allows you create crazy caricatures by changing images with special bending results.
  • Create Up:The Create Up device contains a set of retouching filtration that can be used for image improvement.
  • Lighting:The Lighting Effects device allows you apply creative illumination results to your images.
  • Straighten:The Straighten up device offers the most convenient way to straighten angled images.
  • Resample:The Resample device allows you re-size images by increasing the size of or decreasing them without picture quality loss.
  • Crop:The Plants device allows you to crop images in a clean and sharp way.
  • Group processing: Group handling allows you quickly modify several images with only little effort. You can process groups of images by using the Microsoft windows Traveler perspective selection.
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