Download AIMP Terbaru 2016

Download AIMP Terbaru 2016

Free AIMP 3.60.1470 Latest Version
 AIMP 2016
AIMP Terbaru 2016. AIMP is a light and portable, but highly effective and efficient multi-media Player 2016, which uses little sources. AIMP is an alternative to commonly known and used Winamp. Mediaplayer - qualitative and genuine playing multi-media of information, such as mp3; good facilitys, the small size and little use of sources.

AIMP 2016 is a free sound gamer. Multiformat Play-back. Outcome facilitates. Built-in sounds. Reverb, Flanger, Refrain, Message, Pace, Replicate, Speed, Fish, Increaser, Speech Cleaner. Perform with several playlists.

While one performs - you interact with each other with another. Creating favorites and playback line. CUE Linens facilitates. Assistance for plug-ins. LastFM Scrobbler. Multi-user method support. Multilanguage user interface. Hotkeys. Set up local and international hotkeys as you wish! Files look for. Search information on all started out playlists.

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Terbaru Untuk Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 10 dan 10 64 bit
Download Disini 8.56MB

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