Free Download MySQL 5.6.23 Latest Version

Free Download MySQL 5.6.23 Latest Version


Free Download MySQL 5.6.23 Latest Version
MySQL 5.6.23
Free Download MySQL 5.6.23 Latest Version. Mysql Community Edition is an openly downloadable rendition of the world's most prevalent open source database that is upheld by a dynamic group of open source designers and fans.

MySQL 5.6.23 conveys undertaking gimmicks, including : 

  1. Dividing to enhance execution and administration of vast database situations 
  2. Line based/Hybrid Replication for enhanced replication security 
  3. Occasion Scheduler to make and timetable employments that perform different database assignments 
  4. Xpath Support 
  5. Element General/Slow Query Log 
  6. Execution/Load Testing Utility (mysqlslap) 
  7. Progressed! Full Text Search (speedier, new dev layouts) 
  8. Progressed! File motor (better layering, more peculiarities) 
  9. Progressed! Client session and issue SQL ID 
  10. Progressed! Mysql inserted library (libmysqld) 
  11. Extra Information_schema objects 
  12. Speedier information import operations (parallel record load) 
  13. Corrosive Transactions to manufacture dependable and secure business discriminating applications 
  14. Put away Procedures to enhance designer gainfulness 
  15. Triggers to authorize complex business tenets at the database level 
  16. Perspectives to guarantee touchy data is not bargained 
  17. Data Schema to give simple access to metadata 
  18. Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture for most extreme adaptability 
  19. File Storage Engine for recorded and review information
MySQL 5.6.23 Download Latest Version (Download Here)

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