Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software Download

Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software Download

Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software Download
Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software Download. Review - The actual sub-$200 camera market is a tough 1: There are many options, but very few of them are usually celebrities. The actual 10. 2-megapixel Kodak EasyShare M340 ($149. 95 direct) is iffy from greatest. It has an extremely appealing price, a slender create, and a superb FLAT SCREEN, but without having optical picture stabilization, the camera's overall performance experiences.

At 2 . three by three. seventy six by 0. seventy five in . (HWD) as well as four. 5 ounces, the M340 is among the thinnest cameras We have observed. In spite of the slight package deal, but the M340 can feel a bit flimsy. My test device got a stylish, glossy royal glowing blue complete (it's also available in red, eco-friendly, as well as silver), however the body is plastic. The brushed-aluminum complete, such as the 1 on the 0. 79-inch-thick Nikon Coolpix S230, can feel more durable as well as appears slicker. The actual controls are so-so: There are a switch along with the camera that lets you select modes, and also the zoom toggle is on the back of the camera, rather than on the top, so it's a little hard to control. The actual Menus as well as Playback control keys are slim, dark plastic rectangles running across the right aspect of the display, that when pushed, don't provide a satisfying response.

The actual FLAT SCREEN on the Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software is a definite bright spot. Packing 230, 000 -pixels, the two. 7-inch display is sharpened, big, while offering great comparison with minimum movement blur-a common problem with numerous cameras such as the $180 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W230 as well as the $350 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX48. As much as other budget cameras, the $199 (direct) Cannon PowerShot A1100 IS aren't compete: It has a smaller display (2. 5 inches) with half the amount of -pixels (115, 000).

The actual menu program on the Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software is very easy to read as well as get around, but it can feel totally dated. Menus items are staid, white text overlaid on gray, along with a red-colored club highlights your choices. If you like things easy, you will not brain, but similar shooters such as the PowerShot A1100 make things more fascinating by utilizing tinted symbols with more color plus some cartoon.
Kodak EasyShare M340

The actual lens has 3x optical contact lens with a central period of 35-105mm, with corresponding maximum f-stops from f/3. 1 as well as f/5. 7. For the price, this is a decent lens, however the camera incurs shooting difficulty somewhere else. To begin with, autofocus can be very sluggish; at times this took up to be able to 2 complete secs to focus, but if your subject is within focus, the camera may take off rapidly. The actual M340 carried out well on Shooting-Digital. com's shutter lag test, averaging simply 0. 33 2nd from shutter press to be able to picture catch. In the best-case situation, the camera may switch on as well as fire an attempt within 2 . 45 secs. Even better, you simply have to wait around 1 . 74 secs between shots. In comparison, the PowerShot A1100 starts up as well as locations in mere 2 . 26 secs but will take 2 . thirty five secs between shots; the slow Coolpix S230 needs 5. seventy nine secs to start as well as 5. 69 secs between shots.

In the lab, the Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software did very well, outperforming more costly shooters on several tests. To be able to objectively gauge picture quality, I personally use the Imatest equipment as well as software suite, which revealed that this M340 produces incredibly sharpened images, with very little chromatic aberration, as well as average sound amounts under ISO eight hundred.

The Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software demonstrated spectacular in the sharpness test. Any kind of 10. 2-megapixel camera will be able to catch at least 1, eight hundred lines for each picture height; the M340 caught a jaw-dropping two, 570 lines, which means more in depth images. As you move towards outer edges of a picture, the amount of lines taken may undoubtedly reduce; subpar shooters tend to drop by a lot more than 30 percent. (The Coolpix S230 reduced by 67 %! ) The Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software, by comparison, averaged two, 169 lines from the outer edges, a decrease of only 15 %. (Keep in your mind, but our lab-based test pictures are usually carried out on the tripod as well as below ideal lighting problems. ) Sound levels were also great: The actual M340 created appropriate levels of sound up to and including ISO 400, but from eight hundred as well as 1600 graininess was readily obvious.

Under real-world shooting problems, the M340 doesn't live up to the overall performance in the lab. We took outside test shots using the M340 and also the Cannon PowerShot A1100 IS, on cameras within Auto setting. Each and every Cannon shot returned sharpened, but a number the Kodak's images were fuzzy, given the camera's lack of optical picture stabilization (check out your slideshow for any side-by-side evaluation shot). This is a major downside unless you intend on getting all of your shots on the tripod.

Video clip produced by the M340 is just alright. The actual camera locations within standard description (640-by-480) from 24 frames per second. Check video clips We chance had been watchable, but a bit jerky. The majority of newer cameras incorporate an amalgamated A/V cable for playback on the TV; this does not.

The Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software is the very first camera We have observed that may charge via the UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS link with a PC-something mobile phones happen to be performing for years. Sadly, the connection to the camera alone is actually proprietary (not micro USB-to-USB such as the others), which means you aren't rapidly substitute the lost cable. The actual battery asking as well as information link happens over the very same link; the M340's integrated cable ends within UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (to connect with PC) or perhaps a wall phone chrgr having an UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS jack.

In spite of the very affordable price, top quality display, little body, the Kodak EasyShare M340's flimsy create, as well as even worse, the lack of optical picture stabilization mess up the deal. Although most of the images We took with it arrived looking much better than all those taken with more-expensive cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix S230, you're better off spending a bit more on a more consistent camera with picture stabilization, such as the Cannon PowerShot A1100 IS. Even better, get final year's Editors' Choice-winning PowerShot A1000 IS which isn't very all that different from the A1100, and may become got for $150.

Kodak EasyShare M340 Camera Software Free Download

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