Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker for Windows

Download Free Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker. Review - If you are the owner of a website, you can use it for greater than hosting webpages or pictures. You could utilize it to track your GPS-enabled cellular phone on Google Maps. You just should download and install Google Map GPS Mobile phone Tracker as well as adhere to the instructions given. In order to correctly track your phone, you should properly set up each of the 3 phases of this job.
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 2016

 Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker Free Download for Windows

Get a Google API, collaborate with the IIS console and also use PHP or.NET
First of all, the website setup: you need to choose whether you wish to use the PHP or the.NET version. After that, create a devoted folder within the area of your web site called GPSTracker, copy the matching files from the downloaded and install plan (PHP or.NET), open the IIS console as well as make a new folder which points towards the formerly developed GPSTracker one (note that "Read and also Run Scripts" needs to be made it possible for).

You should get the Google API for your site and also replace its default trick with your custom one, or else it does not work. Next, you need to add a new data type to be assisted within IIS console, specifically JAD, to make sure that it could connect to the phone app.

Produce a data source
Secondly, you have to develop the data source: the simplest and also fastest way to create a suitable database is to produce an empty entry within MSSQL Server 2005 called "GPSTracker" then established it to recover the GPSTracker.bak located in the Google Map GPS Cellular phone Tracker package. It needs to be able to overwrite the alreadying existing database, so see to it the proper function is activated.

Enable GPS as well as input your contact number in the application
The 3rd action is the one taking care of preparing your phone for being tracked. The device has to be GPS-enabled and also to have a data plan so about have the ability to attach to the recently configured website. Just navigate to your website from the phone to download the application, then define the telephone number you intend to make use of (unless you wish to distinctly identify paths, you can utilize any type of string, even your name).
 Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 2016
Taking all of this right into consideration, even if it might appear tough to develop, Google Map GPS Mobile phone Tracker makes it beneficial in the long run. Extra specifics as well as explanations are given in the documentation documents, so that even less experienced people could learn how to track their phone on Google Maps.

Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker for Windows (Free)

RUNS ON : Windows (All Version)

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