Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download. Review - The amount of industries can you think of that supply their products at a lowball cost and make their profits on refills or replacement components for those items-- aside from the ink-jet printer sector, that is? One that comes to mind conveniently is the shaving razor company, probably since substitute shaver blades are infamous for costs almost as high as those of printer ink cartridges. In fact, preventing specific drugs and also fragrances, ink-jet printer ink is among the world's most pricey fluids, as well as among the much more successful.
Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download

Perhaps that's the reason purchasing printer ink is so annoying to a lot of individuals: A number of us presume that there's no good reason (aside from earnings, a solid incentive certainly) that printer ink should cost so much-- it's not warranted from a raw-materials standpoint, anyway. Well, ink-jet printer as well as imaging huge Epson, with its brand-new (new to The United States and Canada, that is) EcoTank ink delivery system, has actually laid out to change all that, starting with a few of the company's business-oriented Labor force designs-- ink-jet printers that set you back more up front, however that will not require ink refills for a very long time.

To get us startinged with EcoTank, Epson sent us the subject these days's review the $499.99 MSRP Labor force ET-4550. In reality, this is the Labor force WF-2650 All-in-One Ink-jet printer-- a close cousin to the $149.99 MSRP Labor force WF-2660 All-in-One we reviewed a very few months earlier-- with a bulge on its best side for EcoTank ink storage tanks, as shown below. The WF-2650 checklists for $129.99, yet at this writing in very early August 2015 is on sale for $79.99 at as well as anywhere else. Yes, you read this right. Basically, the brand-new ET-4550 is an under-$80 printer changed right into a $500 equipment by the addition of the EcoTank system. Well, make that the addition of the EcoTank system and, baseding on Epson, "as much as two years'" supply of ink. In this situation, remembering that the WF-2650 is a low-volume printer, that's about 5,000 black-and-white pages and also 8,500 color pages. On top of that, Epson includes an added "reward" 6,000 monochrome web pages, for an in-box return of 11,000 monochrome and 8,500 color web pages.

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download and Review Spreading out that throughout 2 years comes out to simply over 450 pages each month, which, while far here the WF-2650's 3,000-page maximum month-to-month duty cycle (the manufacturer's advised quantity without unnecessary wear on the device), is plenty for this low-volume ink-jet printer. (Honestly, if you should print a lot more than that, you should consider a higher-yield device.) Even so, while EcoTank itself is a step in the best direction, when it comes time to acquire refills, you ought to be nicely stunned there, also.

We'll look at EcoTank, the modern technology and just how it changes the cost-per-page formula, on the following page, in the Design, Attributes, & EcoTank section. Prior to going on, though, we must also discuss the various other EcoTank designs, starting with 2 lower-yield Expression consumer-grade designs, the $379 MSRP Expression ET-2500 EcoTank and the $399 MSRP Expression ET-2550. As for the Labor force business-oriented versions, they are the $429 MSRP WorkForce ET-2500, the $499 WorkForce ET-4550 (our review device), and the flagship $1,199 MSRP WorkForce Pro WF-R4640.

The smaller and less costly ET-2500 comes with less ability as well as less ink (4,000 monochrome, 6,500 shade), and also the high-volume WorkForce Pro model has ink for 20,000 grayscale and also 20,000 shade web pages (as well as, of course, replacement ink is more economical on a per-page basis). We will certainly consider these various other EcoTank models as soon as Epson makes them readily available. Of the pre-EcoTank WorkForce designs, the 2000 collection were the tiniest as well as the very least qualified, in regards to volume-- and, like the majority of under-$100 ink-jet printers, their expense each page (CPP) was excessive to sustain all but a moderate print volume. From a cost-of-operation perspective, EcoTank (as you'll see in the Setup & Paper Handling area later on) just about eliminates the excessively high CPPs incurred by individuals of low-volume designs, and it substantially lowers the price of using high-volume machines, as well.

Approved, there's a significant gap between the quantity capabilities of this EcoTank version as well as the following one up, the $1,199 WF-R4640, which might, we suspect, persuade some little as well as home-based offices to attempt to coax even more pages from the ET-4550 as opposed to spring for an added $700. All the same, now you can press your low-volume business-oriented AIO to its limitations-- without it costing you a small fortune in ink. Aside from that, the ET-4550 is your regular entry-level printer, total with attributes you 'd locate on a common beginner's WorkForce AIO.

Style, Features, & EcoTank
Let's start by obtaining the adverse off the beaten track first. The ET-4550 has a 30-page automatic record feeder, but it is not auto-duplexing. In shorts, it doesn't have the capability to check two-sided pages without your needing to transform the originals over manually. Provided, we wouldn't expect to locate an auto-duplexing ADF on an under-$100 AIO, but the ET-4550 is a $500 ink-jet printer-- although a lot of that expense is for ink. That said, the ET-4550 gauges the like the WF-2650, plus the EcoTank real estate on the right side, which measures concerning 3.75 inches across and also 10.5 inches from front to back. Epson's advertising product didn't consist of the main dimensions, so we removed our low-tech tape measure. Effective mode, the ET-4550 gauges about 20 inches wide, 22 inches from front to back, and regarding 9.1 inches high. It weighs only 14.6 pounds.

In spite of the added room for the ink tanks, the ET-4550 is still a small-for-what-it-does printer efficient in sharing most desktop computers agreeably. You won't discover any memory-card or USB slots for walk-up printing and scanning, but this AIO does sustain Wi-Fi Direct for publishing from mobile devices without an intermediary network. Standard connection includes Wi-Fi and also a single-PC link through USB. Nonetheless, making use of a few of the mobile device features, such as Google Cloud Publish and also connections to various other cloud websites, needs an Internet connection, which you could obtain just using Wi-Fi. These consist of Epson's suite of mobile connection applications as well as services, Epson Link, Epson Email Publish, Epson iPrint Mobile App, Epson Remote Print, and Apple's AirPrint.

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download Latest Update - Anchored by a 2.2-inch monochrome LCD, the control board is primarily analog, yet clear, logical, as well as easy to use. In addition, like all current WorkForce versions, this one uses a PrecisionCore printhead (an ONE, or one-print-chip head, in contrast to two chips, or TWO, in the Labor force Pro models). Two PrecisionCore chips would make this ink-jet printer much quicker, however then low-volume ink-jet printers do not commonly have to be very quickly.

Probably we ought to starting this conversation of EcoTank by saying initially that high-volume or continual ink supplies are nothing new, nor are they specifically modern. As a matter of fact, EcoTank itself is not new. Epson markets designs much like this and also those discussed previously in the U.K., Europe, parts of Asia, and also practically anywhere else other than North America, where the designs talked about in our Introduction will certainly go on sale anywhere in September 2015, as well as maybe previously on

Put simply, EcoTank changes ink cartridges. As opposed to changing the cartridges, which additionally contain fairly expensive electronics as well as printheads, when among your inks gets low, you simply replenish it from a relatively low-cost bottle. (The WorkForce Pro models have a different arrangement, where you replace large bags of ink when they empty, instead of re-filling the different tanks.).

The outcomes are, one, that you don't need to get ink virtually as typically, as well as, two, that you do not need to pay virtually as much for it on a per-page basis. With EcoTank, you have a choice. You can continue to utilize the Labor force products that use typical ink cartridges, or the EcoTank devices with much cheaper per-page ink rates.

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Printer Driver Free Download claims that EcoTank is a big success in existing markets, makings feeling, given that it helps you handle those unreasonable ink charges and also implementation problems, in addition to the ecological worries of vacant cartridges and also waste plastic. As with the majority of overhead, the much more you buy at one-time, the much less it sets you back.

We need to put, though, that with this new ink system, these EcoTank machines are much more like laser-class ink-jet printers because you cannot (as you can with cartridges) turn the device on its side or inverted without spilling ink. Actually, the ink-jet printer comes with a "traveling set," which is composed mostly of plastic bags to maintain the ink consisted of.

Configuration & Paper Handling.
As you might picture, the most tough part of setting up and also installing this printer was filling up the ink tanks, which we'll get to in a moment. Or else, arrangement was straightforward. One distinction, though: Unlike most WorkForce versions, this one does not have a graphical LCD; hence, it doesn't show the different tutorials, such as mounting the ink and also loading the paper tray. Rather, when we specified where it was time to fill up the ink containers, the LCD referred us to the Beginning Below manual.

Even so, filling up the ink storage tanks is easy sufficient, although you'll intend to put on plastic or vinyl gloves-- as well-designed as Epson's refill procedure is, we still ended up with ink on our fingers.

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Driver Free Download

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